Horsford Primary School, Norwich NR10 3ES


Our theme for the first half of Spring Term is Robots which covers electricity/circuits in science, in DT the children are going to be designing and making their own robots possibly with electrical circuits so they can light up. The staff are looking for a hook for the theme – something maybe at the start of the unit which will engage the children and allow them to be enthused about the topic. We have looked on the STEM website and like the idea of maybe using Lego for making robots but do not have the resources to do this ourselves. We have not taught this unit before as it is part of our two year rolling programme from the new curriculum so are looking for some expertise in the area of robotics at lower school level – 82 children divided between 3 mixed year classes (7-9 years). 

Contact Tanya Kirton  tkirton7lrg@nsix.org.uk 

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