8:55 am08:55

Cromwell Community College, Chatteris PE16 6UU

  • PE16 6UU

Option Tasters

The school are organising a year 9 event with regard to choosing their options and are looking for assistance with activities for the students. Perhaps team building activities, perhaps activities relating to industry.

Expected participants 400

Contact: Jill Clarke jclarke@cromewell.cambs.sch.uk 

Please remember to copy us in for insurance and recording purposes

8:30 am08:30

Chantry Academy IP2 9LR

  • IP2 9LR

Interactive Careers Fair

500 pupils years 7-10 (11 -15 years old)

We will be holding a careers fair throughout the morning, each Year group will come down for a lesson. We would like active stands which have activities for students to do at them highlighting the sector/subject they represent. This could be games, demonstrations etc

We would love students to see how science and maths link to work.

Ambassadors will have a stand and interact with students. They can have games or demonstrations to do with students.

Contact Victoria Richards vrichards@chantry academy.org

9:00 am09:00

Long Stratton High School NR15 2XR

  • NR15 2XR

STEM Activity Day for year 5 pupils from Feeder Primary Schools

Numbers of pupils attending: 150
Pupil age: year 5 (9 and 10 years old)

A day of participation in hands-on STEM activities for Year 5 pupils from the primary feeder schools

Long Stratton High School want to encourage and inspire pupils to engage with STEM subjects (particularly science) through hands on activities during this transition day for Year 5’s.  We would like to hear from Ambassadors who can provide simple hands on fun activities throughout the day.

Long Stratton are particularly keen to engage generally with STEM Ambassadorsand their companies in order to enhance their pupils learning experience and to help them consider STEM subjects at exam level. They are also keen to make stronger links with the business community.

Contact Nikki Goodall ngoodall@lshs.org.uk


9:00 am09:00

Paston Sixth Form College, North Walsham NR28 9JL

  • NR28 9JL

Futures Event

years 10-13

After last year’s huge success, the 2017 North East Norfolk Futures Event is set to be even bigger. The event is FREE to exhibit. In addition to provider stands, the event team is also looking for providers to give talks, workshops and interactive activities to students throughout the day. As a thank you to all providers, there will be a free buffet lunch and tea/coffee refreshments throughout the day. The event will be accessed by year 10 and 6th form students from a number of local high schools, in addition to students from Paston 6th Form College. We feel the students would really value finding out more about organisation and the opportunities available to young people in your sector.

As with last year, this event will have zones covering many areas, including:
•   Employers
•   Public Services
•   Higher Education
•   Further Education
•   Norfolk County Council
•   North Norfolk District Council
•   Training Providers
•   Sector Representative Organisations
•   Apprenticeships
•   STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Maths)
•   Drop in workshops and interactive student sessions

Please respond by 24th March

Contact: Mark Bruhin mbruhin@beacon-east.co.uk

9:00 am09:00

Cambourne Village College CB23 6FR

  • CB23 6FR

Enterprise Day

Can you inspire the next James Dyson?
Year 8 students will be having an exciting Enterprise Day, where they will create then pitch business ideas to you! Along the way they are going to need some help – bring your background and field into their plans.
At the end of the event, the students will present their ideas and a winner will be chosen by you!

We would like you to work with the groups of students as they plan their ideas, then be supportive and encouraging judges when it comes to deciding a winner.

Contact Charlotte Steggall CSteggall@formthefuture.org.uk

6:30 pm18:30

Wymondham High Academy NR18 0QT

  • NR18 0QT

2017 Norfolk Innovation Awards

to be hosted at Wymondham High Academy, expected attendance 2-300

We are keen to spotlight the brilliant work being done by the STEM Ambassadors across Norfolk by mentioning you on social media, in the flyers, in the event programme and on the evening with a pop-up stand.


  • Outstanding contribution to Science/STEM subjects at Key Stage 2

This could be a student who has made enormous progress, attended after school clubs or has shown great potential.

Last year the winner was from Scarning Primary

Outstanding contribution to Science/STEM subjects at Key Stage 3

Last year the joint winners were from Dereham Neatherd

  • Outstanding contribution to Science/STEM subjects at Key Stage 4

The winner in 2016 was from Attleborough Academy

  • Outstanding contribution to Science/STEM subjects at Key Stage 5

This is a new category this year! 

  • Most Innovative Junior School Science/STEM Project

This could be a school project that has “thought outside the box” or been surprisingly simple, or a project that has had surprising results.

Last year, won by Northrepps Primary

  • Most Inspiring Junior School Science/STEM Teacher

Is there someone in your school that deserves special recognition?

Last year, the winner was from Thurton Church of England Primary  

  • Most Inspiring Secondary or Sixth Form School Science/STEM Teacher

This could be a member of your team who runs extra clubs or who just deserves a special mention?

Flegg High School won last year  

  • Best STEM or Nuffield Crest ‘A’ Level Project

Last year, the joint winning students from Wymondham High showed an exceptional understanding of their subject

We are looking for companies to sponsor the individual prize categories – either with a day’s work experience or possibly vouchers, or a cash reward. Please do get in touch if your company is able to offer something this year. THANK YOU.

We are keen to spotlight the brilliant work being done by the STEM Ambassadors across Norfolk by mentioning you on social media, in the flyers, in the event programme and on the evening with a pop-up stand.
Some of the prizes kindly given last year included:

  • Banham Zoo offered a year’s free pass to the family of the Junior School winner
  • Easton and Otley College offered a day’s work experience with lunch
  • Green Britain Centre offered a free trip for the winning school 
  • Lintott Control Systems kindly donated book tokens to the sixth form winners
  • Aquaterra Energy generously gave the winning teacher Chapelfield Vouchers.

We would be delighted for you to attend the event in the evening if possible for photo shoots with the winners. 

Contact Hilary Gauthier 01953 600617  george@georgefreeman.co.uk  

8:00 am08:00

Scottow Enterprise Park NR10 5AJ

  • NR10 5AJ uk

IET Formula Goblin (Electric Car Racing)

200 9 year 5 & 6 (9-11 year old) pupils

Volunteers are required to help run Norfolk’s first IET Formula Goblin event. Pupils throughout the county have been constructing single-seat electric racing cars and will compete against other schools in a series of short events; drag races, slaloms & sprints. They will be competing for a range of trophies, on Scottow’s ex RAF runway. Goblin racing looks like this - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BUGXV4L6wc

Volunteers will be briefed by Greenpower staff. There are roles to suit different volunteers’ strengths; from timing & administrative to technical scrutineering and safety checks. Volunteers may be paired up – support will be given as we need plenty of help!

Volunteers can register at http://www.greenpower.co.uk/events/events/scottow-enterprise-park-goblins-2017 and should also email

Contact Matt Buck mbuck@townclose.com

Jun 1

The Suffolk Show IP3 8UH

  • IP3 8UH

West Suffolk College and Institute of Physics
STEM Engagement pilot
STEM Accelerator & The Tallest Jelly Challenge

Working with Year 5 pupils for the ‘tallest jelly challenge’ with the overall event aiming to inspire a wide audience

West Suffolk College in partnership with King Edward VI School, the Institute of Physics and Suffolk County Council have run a pilot competition with primary schools in the Bury area aiming to inspire Primary pupils, particularly in the subjects of physics and chemistry.
King Edward VI School in Bury firstly ran a number of Physics based challenges within the Primaries that are part of the Bury School partnership, with the top 4 teams being offered the opportunity to take part in a 6 week engagement with the Institute of Physics, the Tallest Jelly Challenge.  
It is extremely difficult to make a jelly more than 10cm tall due to the weak gel strength. To make it taller you need to increase the gel strength and/or give the jelly structure using edible materials such as fruit, sponges or pasta. Food technology, chemistry and engineering come into their own in this test of ingenuity and skill.
Final judging of the competition will take place at the Suffolk Show where we have secured a large exhibition place.

We are looking for ambassadors to come and support throughout the day and to engage with young people, their parents, guardians and influencers on:

  • the benefits of studying for STEM subjects
  • the impact that STEM has on their daily lives
  • range of career opportunities that STEM industries promote 

This could be through a range of methods, although hands on interactive experiences that young people could be involved would be great.  
If you are unable to support but would like to be involved, we are also looking for contributions to the cost of putting on this activity at the Suffolk Show.
Companies that are already committed are

  • ScottishPower Renewables who have kindly sponsored tickets for all the families of the primary school participants and will be doing some pop up events in the tent throughout the day,
  • Institute of Physics,
  • Robot Fun,
  • East of England Energy Group (EEEGR),
  • EDF Energy
  • Morgan Sindall. 

Alongside the competition we aim to showcase the industries and career opportunities for those with the ingenuity and skill to solve problems and to inspire the next generation.

Contact Paul Warmington paul.warmington@suffolk.gov.uk

8:30 am08:30

St Faith's School CB2 8AG

  • CB2 8AG

 Employability Skills Day

he day will start with a motivational speaker to inspire the students and give them confidence for the future.
Moving on, the students will listen to a variety of professionals talk about what they do in their job. They have to listen very carefully as they will present presentations to their peers later about the people they meet!
After the presentations, the students will take part in a team building activity.
We hope this day will show the students a wide variety of careers, give them experience working in a team and give them confidence to go and achieve their goals.
We are looking for: 

  • 1 x Motivational Speaker
  • 4 x Career speakers (discuss your job in detail for the students to present later)
  • 1 x person/team who could deliver a team building activity

Contact Charlotte Steggall CSteggall@formthefuture.org.uk

9:00 am09:00

Ormiston Sudbury Academy CO10 1NW

  • CO10 1NW

Speed Networking

30 year 9 (13 & 14 years old) pupils

Speed networking event for year 9 students to help make decisions for options. Employers required to answer questions in a speed networking event. A group of students will spend 15 mins asking questions to gain an understanding of industries and to help them to make decisions on what options they need for the choices they are going to make in the future.
Ambassadors need to be available to speak to a number of students who will have pre-prepared questions on the industry and career choices you have made.

Contact Rachel Grimwood rachel.grimwood@connecteb.co.uk

6:30 pm18:30

Holbrook Academy IP9 2QX

  • IP9 2QX

STEM Activity / Careers Evening

This will be like a mini careers fair with hands on equipment and stalls as well as people to talk to students and parents. If required for a demonstration I can get an outside area or a separate area very near the main room.

I am hoping that this event will show students what job roles are out their linked to STEM to make it interesting for them and exciting so they will engage more within STEM opportunities.

Ambassadors could just be available to talk to students about the areas they are working in but I would love it if they are able to bring in anything for the students to get involved with however big or small, hands on events are always popular amongst students rather than just talking.

Contact Denise Tinker denise.tinker@holbrookacademy.org

8:45 am08:45

Gamlingay Village College SG19 3HD

  • SG19 3HD

 World of Work Day

This will be the first event of this kind happening at Gamlingay Village College and we have an exciting day lined up for the students!
The day starts with a “What’s My Line” activity where students will ask the volunteers questions until they can guess what they do as a job.
Following on from this activity, the day will turn into an Enterprise Day, where the students will create their own business proposals to pitch to the volunteers. They’ll need lots of advice and guidance – will you be able to encourage the next Bill Gates?
 For the first part of the day, it might be useful to have hints like tools or equipment for the students to guess your job from.
For the second part of the day, nothing is needed, just bags of enthusiasm and encouragement!

Contact Charlotte Steggall CSteggall@formthefuture.org.uk

May 26

Alconbury CofE Primary School - PE28 4EQ

  • PE28 4EQ

Science Week Inspiration

We would like a scientist to come in and talk to children at some point during our science week. They could talk to individual classes or to a key stage or even a whole school assembly. It depends on what they wished to do. We would like them to share what being a‘real’ scientist is and like and why it is such a great job.

We want Ambassadors to Inspire our children so that they can see real scientists exist and this is what they do as a job. To raise the profile of science within our school.

Contact: Hannah Mulcrone hmulcrone@alconbury.cambs.sch.uk

6:00 pm18:00

Thurston Community College, Bury St Edmunds IP31 3PB

  • IP31 3PB

Parent Information Evening

In celebration of National careers Week Thurston are holding a Careers Fair to which all their students and parents will be invited. Ambassadors are invited to attend with literature being prepared to discuss their career paths with the students.

Contact: Stella Price stella.price@thurstoncollege.suffolk.sch.uk

Please remember to copy us in for insurance and recording purposes

9:05 am09:05

Samuel Ward Academy CB9 0LD

  • CB9 0LD

Energy Quest

60 year 7 (11 & 12 year old) pupils

About Energy Quest
Energy Quest is being delivered in association with Tomorrow’s Engineers and is designed to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers. Based around the topic of energy, the workshop is a fun and engaging way for students to learn about renewable energy and careers in STEM. 
Role of Ambassador
Provide a 5-10 minute talk/presentation (photos/ videos welcome) about their STEM experience, covering the following:

  • What they do in their current role or previous role - highlighting any interesting projects they have worked on
  • Benefits of working in a STEM career - job security, well-paid, travel opportunities, helping society, solving problems, being creative etc
  • How they became interested in their STEM area
  • Educational pathway/ Route into STEM career - GCSE’s/A-levels studied / College/ Uni course/  Apprenticeship scheme
  • Q&A session – invite students to ask any questions

As well as or instead of providing an engaging talk the STEM ambassador is welcome to support the event by assisting the student teams with the activities, by encouraging them to think outside the box to solve problems, and also by helping with the judging of the competition. The event/ activities will be run by our Education Officer, who will also brief the ambassador on the day.  

Contact Angela Heap a.heap@etrust.org.uk

Jun 24

Royal Hospital School IP9 2RX

  • IP9 2RX

Royal Institution Maths Masterclasses

Maths masterclasses have been running in Suffolk for a number of years. They are organised for year 8 pupils and only one or two will attend from each high school from across the county. They explore aspects of maths that they would not come across in the normal curriculum/classroom setting. The sessions are run as part of an enrichment programme for keen mathematicians who are expected to attend all the sessions offered.

Would like Ambassadors to assist the pupils with the activities as organised by the person running the session.

  1. Sat 6th May      Problem Solving
  2. Sat 20th May    Mathematical Origami
  3. Sat 10th June    Maths of Hot Air Balloons
  4. Sat 17th June    Back to Bases
  5. Sat 24th June Cryptography 

To be held at Royal Hospital School Holbrrok - they are the hosts only but are not organising this so please do not contact them direct.

Contact Ruth Bull ruthbull@btinternet.com


9:00 am09:00

Stowmarket High School IP14 1QR

  • IP14 1QR

World of Work Day

140 year 10 (14 & 15 year old) pupils

The day is a pre-cursor to the Year 10s accessing their work experience later in the year. 

Can you help with

  • Interview Skills
  • CV Writing
  • Letters of Application
  • Careers Talk
  • Enterprise Activity

 We would like the students to experience and develop mock interview skills, CV writing, letter of application writing, an enterprise activity to develop leadership and team-working skills and hear about the world of work through a Careers Talk which could last 20 mins and share a lesson with another Career talk.
Any offers of the above or workshops not listed (I can change my plans) even for part of the day would be appreciated.

We already have workshops by the Mason Trust, Career Ready and Suffolk Apprenticeships.

Contact Marina Dickings md@stowmarkethigh.suffolk.sch.uk

Apr 28

Melton Primary School, Woodbridge IP12 1PG

  • IP12 1PG

Space Week

160 year R - year 2 (4-7 years)

A Space themed Science week is taking place in our school week commencing the 24th April. I am wondering if there is any professionals or individuals who passionate about the topic of space and are willing to share this with our children. This could be in the form of a whole school assembly or individual class lessons. I have organised for a planetarium to visit the school on the 28th April. 

Can you help with a whole school assembly; class discussions or lessons about Space; experiments or a career talk.

Contact Shauna Ring  shauna.ring@melton.suffolk.sch.uk