Stowmarket High School IP14 1QR

  • IP14 1QR

World of Work Day

140 year 10 (14 & 15 year old) pupils

The day is a pre-cursor to the Year 10s accessing their work experience later in the year. 

Can you help with

  • Interview Skills
  • CV Writing
  • Letters of Application
  • Careers Talk
  • Enterprise Activity

 We would like the students to experience and develop mock interview skills, CV writing, letter of application writing, an enterprise activity to develop leadership and team-working skills and hear about the world of work through a Careers Talk which could last 20 mins and share a lesson with another Career talk.
Any offers of the above or workshops not listed (I can change my plans) even for part of the day would be appreciated.

We already have workshops by the Mason Trust, Career Ready and Suffolk Apprenticeships.

Contact Marina Dickings