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West Suffolk College and Institute of Physics
STEM Engagement pilot
STEM Accelerator & The Tallest Jelly Challenge

Working with Year 5 pupils for the ‘tallest jelly challenge’ with the overall event aiming to inspire a wide audience

West Suffolk College in partnership with King Edward VI School, the Institute of Physics and Suffolk County Council have run a pilot competition with primary schools in the Bury area aiming to inspire Primary pupils, particularly in the subjects of physics and chemistry.
King Edward VI School in Bury firstly ran a number of Physics based challenges within the Primaries that are part of the Bury School partnership, with the top 4 teams being offered the opportunity to take part in a 6 week engagement with the Institute of Physics, the Tallest Jelly Challenge.  
It is extremely difficult to make a jelly more than 10cm tall due to the weak gel strength. To make it taller you need to increase the gel strength and/or give the jelly structure using edible materials such as fruit, sponges or pasta. Food technology, chemistry and engineering come into their own in this test of ingenuity and skill.
Final judging of the competition will take place at the Suffolk Show where we have secured a large exhibition place.

We are looking for ambassadors to come and support throughout the day and to engage with young people, their parents, guardians and influencers on:

  • the benefits of studying for STEM subjects
  • the impact that STEM has on their daily lives
  • range of career opportunities that STEM industries promote 

This could be through a range of methods, although hands on interactive experiences that young people could be involved would be great.  
If you are unable to support but would like to be involved, we are also looking for contributions to the cost of putting on this activity at the Suffolk Show.
Companies that are already committed are

  • ScottishPower Renewables who have kindly sponsored tickets for all the families of the primary school participants and will be doing some pop up events in the tent throughout the day,
  • Institute of Physics,
  • Robot Fun,
  • East of England Energy Group (EEEGR),
  • EDF Energy
  • Morgan Sindall. 

Alongside the competition we aim to showcase the industries and career opportunities for those with the ingenuity and skill to solve problems and to inspire the next generation.

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