Long Stratton High School NR15 2XR

  • NR15 2XR

STEM Activity Day for year 5 pupils from Feeder Primary Schools

Numbers of pupils attending: 150
Pupil age: year 5 (9 and 10 years old)

A day of participation in hands-on STEM activities for Year 5 pupils from the primary feeder schools

Long Stratton High School want to encourage and inspire pupils to engage with STEM subjects (particularly science) through hands on activities during this transition day for Year 5’s.  We would like to hear from Ambassadors who can provide simple hands on fun activities throughout the day.

Long Stratton are particularly keen to engage generally with STEM Ambassadorsand their companies in order to enhance their pupils learning experience and to help them consider STEM subjects at exam level. They are also keen to make stronger links with the business community.

Contact Nikki Goodall ngoodall@lshs.org.uk