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The Royal Society of Biology and Ipswich Maritime Festival

  • Ipswich Waterfront (map)

The Royal Society of Biology will be at the Ipswich Maritime Festival on 19th - 20th August.

We will use three activities over that weekend starting with a maritime theme:

Can you smell as well as a shark?  The activity tests participant’s sense of smell with very dilute perfume of varying concentrations and comparing people’s sense of smell with that of a shark (Gopher Science Lab).

Epigenetics and our genes Our genes contain instructions for everything in our body. For years it was thought that our genes were fixed from birth; half from mum, half from dad. But scientists have now discovered it’s not that simple: the way we act can influence how our genes function. We will talk about epigenetics and show how choices such as eating healthy or unhealthy food can affect us (21st Century BioChallenges).

Can you beat the test? Take the Stroop Test to explore how words influence what we see and discover how the brain handles mixed messages. The activity times how long it takes to read out a list of words in comparison to describing the words - the Stroop test (Gopher Science Lab). This will be run as a competition with small prizes for the winners.

Please come and support us if you are able - a couple of hours of your time would be greatly appreciated.

Contact: Amanda Hardy

Later Event: August 24
Code Club meeting - IPSWICH