Perkins Engines Company Limited and British Science Week

Peterborough Young Engineers (PYE) along with 28 volunteers from Perkins Engines Company Limited, organised a series of rocket building and bridge building sessions in five Peterborough primary schools as part of British Science Week.

The volunteers helped more than 270 children build and launch over 200 rockets during the five morning sessions and over 20 duplo bridges. They explained to the children the different roles undertaken by engineers and inventors, and the strength of different shapes and encouraged the children to design their own invention. The paper and electrical tape rockets, launched from a chamber of compressed air at 2-4 bar, reached tremendous heights.

All the children had a fantastic experience and showed great enthusiasm for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) subjects. They had this to say:

'It taught me about what my future could look like and this really excites me'

'It was epic!'

‘It was a cool way to learn new things and the staff were really kind and helpful.'

‘The people who came were really helpful and knowledgeable - they gave me great tips on building a rocket and it was amazing to see how the rockets went.'