ScottishPower Renewables Education Challenge for Schools attending our Women in Engineering Day!

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Why is waste important?
The UK has set a target to be recycling 50% of household waste by 2020. This is because getting rid of waste has a big
environmental impact. In the UK we bury most of our waste in landfill sites which leads to soil contamination as
chemicals from waste leech out. This is bad for the soil and any plant or animals living in it. The same chemicals can
also make it into nearby rivers and lakes hurting water ecosystems and the habitats located there. 50% of the plastic
we use is for single use and when it is thrown away it doesn’t break down. Huge amounts of plastic find its way into
oceans where it releases toxins into the waste and is a danger to the animals living there.

Who can take part?
This challenge is for schools and girls attending the ConnectEB
International Women in Engineering Day Celebration Event on
June 21st 2018 at Rosewood Pavilion, Chippenham. The
challenge can be made available to students who are not
attending this event at a later date. Please contact for further information.