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Connect Education and Business currently have two mentoring programmes using Brightside platform. Careers and Enterprise Company Mentoring  and STEM Accelerator.

The STEM Accelerator offers FREE support to boost Suffolk Student achievement in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics and helps students compete for high level employment in STEM career pathways.

Students aged 11 to 19, with an interest in or aptitude for STEM subjects, can participate in any of the three strands of the STEM Accelerator at no cost to themselves or their school:

  • STEM mentors from local employers – help students maximise their potential and compete for the wide range of career opportunities that are available (Contact Claire Hopkins (
  • Post-16 STEM enrichment qualifications – compliment the core curriculum to help add extra valuable skills and motivation Jane Powling (
  • STEM School holiday activities and work experience - stimulate student interest in STEM and add value to their studies. (Alexa Aston-Ross -

The programme brings together local businesses, the University of Suffolk, Connect EB and FE Colleges to provide students with a unique package. 

For more information on how students can participate in the STEM Accelerator go to:

The STEM Accelerator website -  Twitter: @stemsuffolk or Facebook:


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