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Mid Suffolk District Council - Town Planning Activity

Town Planning Activity

This activity is designed to introduce the concept of Town Planning and sustainable growth.  It is a multi-discipline group activity that delivers a real-world example of the way academic skills are combined in employment.


The activity combines a reading comprehension and decision-making exercise, with a creative and enjoyable map-based drawing task.  The outcome is that students analyse information, make and justify decisions based on that information, and present their solutions/proposals in graphic and written format.


This can be delivered either as a half day session or as a project which the group can work on over a period. This could be supported with either drop in or remote mentoring support  and a follow up session at completion

Careers and IAG


Max number of pupils: 30

Time of session: 3 hrs session or 1 hr session over a period of 6 weeks


Money Matters Programme

Ipswich Building Society

With over 160 years experience in providing mortgages and savings for people in the East of England, Ipswich Building Society is uniquely placed to provide a personal service in our network of branches, agencies and over the telephone.

Money Matters Programme

As Suffolk's only home grown financial services provider we're uniquely placed to use our expertise to enhance learning opportunities for young people in our county. Money Metrics is our new programme designed to meet the new National Curriculum requirements for personal finance and citizenship, developed by an educational consultant and young people focus groups. Delivered by two members of our fully trained staff, the interactive sessions comprise of one four hour session (with break), and a two hour follow up or we can tailor the sessions to suit school time tables. Throughout the sessions the students are rewarded for their work and input, earning 'money' which culminates in a game. The winning team is added to our inter-school leader board – who'll be top at the end of the year? At the end of the session we'll issue students with a competency certificate, which outlines how they've achieved the National Curriculum criteria.

Careers and IAG

Duration: 2 hours

Max number of pupils per session: 20 pupils

Can be one off or over a number of sessions