HM Forces


The United Kingdom's armed forces protect the security, independence and interests of the country at home and abroad. 

The British Army, Royal Air Force and Royal Navy all fall under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Defence, who's aim is to ensure that the armed forces have the training, equipment and support necessary for their work, working with UK allies and partners whenever possible.

Military service can provide substantial training and career opportunities to the right candidates. This normally means initially committing to being part of the forces for a minimum period of 3-4 years, though there are also growing opportunities for those looking to offer their spare time to the services as a UK Reserve - who can train and deploy alongside regular forces.

The Ministry of Defence also employs permanent and casual civilian personnel, including Royal Fleet Auxiliaries, Trading Funds and locally engaged civilians.

Under the MOD's remit, the tasks of the forces include:

  • defending the UK and its overseas territories
  • providing strategic intelligence
  • providing nuclear deterrence
  • supporting civil emergency organisations in times of crisis
  • defending our interests by projecting power strategically and through expeditionary interventions
  • providing a defence contribution to UK influence
  • providing security for stabilisation

Is it for you?

Life in the military is not for everybody, and requires a substantial commitment to, and trust in the work mandated by the MOD. You will need to be prepared to train hard and push yourself physically, mentally and emotionally to be the best you can be in all required disciplines, sometimes in dangerous and combat situations.

The rewards for the right candidates can include exceptional training and career development, working with the latest equipment and technology, helping to safeguard the UK's national security as well as that of vulnerable groups and populations, emergency and relief work, along with the excitement and deployment opportunities that are hard to find in other professions.

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