ICT & Computing

The terms ‘ICT’ and ‘Computing’ are sometimes seen to refer to the same thing but they are different – computing is the designing, programming and installing of computer based programs or hardware solutions, whilst ICT is using and training others in the use of computers, software and technology.

What does this mean for you? It means that there are opportunities to make the computer systems of the future – whether they are hardware, software, robotics or anything else that is considered technology. People in the computing industry are at the forefront of designing new materials and hardware that make computers and technology go faster or last longer on battery, as well as making the software that controls them – things that have a massive impact on people and businesses everywhere!

In the computing industry, you have the opportunity to have an impact on society, as people see the applications of technology and start designing things completely out of the box, like robots to use in surgery, or programs that predict the effect of global warming. Not only this, but the maintenance of existing systems is required to keep them secure, up to date and implement improvements as technology advances.

This industry is really exciting because technology is constantly changing and with it comes new ideas and possibilities – a career here will see you pushing the boundaries of what is possible!