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Magical Maths

Magical Maths provides two six week programmes; Magical Maths Training and Magical Maths Graduation. Within these two programmes, each week involves a different theme. Here is an example of the themes that are involved with our Magical Maths Training programme:

·         Week 1: Maths Genius Training

·         Week 2: Maths Detective Training

·         Week 3: Mathemagician Training

·         Week 4: Mathletes Training

·         Week 5: Puzzles & Games Training

·         Week 6: Vote for your favourite to return!

Each week has a single, one-hour session and covers a variety of educational topics in a fun and exciting way. The clubs include some dressed up characters that will visit the schools from week to week, including a maths detective, a maths genius, the mathletes, and a mathemagician. Each week there are three different activities that the children will take part in. These activities are based around mega fun games, puzzles and tricks.







Stately Holmes,

Maths Detective

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