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FORMULA GRAVITY Racing for Education

Formula Gravity is an educational engineering project for pupils aged 13 and upwards.

We supply a gravity racer (soapbox kart) kit through Technology Supplies Ltd which can be built up with only DIY tools. Body design and build is then left to the team. We can help of course.

An exciting way to train young people from 13 years onwards in all aspects of

an engineering project.

Gravity Racers are top of the range soapboxes, ideal for schools and colleges to design, build and race. ‘F1 without the engine’. You will need, designers, engineers, drivers, publicity etc.

Aerodynamics and the bodywork are up to the individual build. Our spaceframes are already designed and welded up so that the hard bit is done. All the other parts are supplied. A build is ideal for an academic year and can be done as part of the curriculum or as a club. Yearly rebuilds can then progressively improve your racer with learned improvements. There are now events around the UK which you can enter.

Key Skills form an integral part of the challenge. Students are expected to demonstrate teamwork, problem solving and communication skills. The project encourages students to use portfolio evidence and to record and log their activities through the challenge.

We also use mathematical and scientific principles looking at materials, friction, energy, forces, geometry and many more aspects can be taught and investigated in the design, application and process stages.

Health and safety is paramount so our kit is designed to stringent specifications.

We offer advice about all aspects of the project.       01284 830428