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Tomorrows Engineers Robotics Challenge

Are you ready to
take your students on a
journey of exploration?

The lowdown
This isn’t a one-off challenge. It’s a programme
that gets your students (11-14s) working together
to solve real-world engineering, technology and
computing challenges.
Your student team will learn how to build,
program and control autonomous LEGO®
robots to complete a series of short, exciting
aviation missions using LEGO® MINDSTORMS®
Education EV3 sets. From speed racing to
humanitarian aid, they’ll demonstrate their skills
at challenges held around the country.
The journey starts in your school and could take
your team all the way from regional heats to the
national final. You’ll have our help along the way,
with training and equipment.
You can run activities and lessons with your
team during school time or as an extracurricular

What to do next?

Steps to success
• Apply to take part in
the challenge
• Get the kit
• Do the training
• Set up a team
• Complete the
aviation missions
• Design a robot
• Research for the RAF
• Go to a challenge event
• Reach the UK final
• Be a winner