We offer a work experience service to schools, colleges and other education institution which includes access to our AllTogether placement management system (run nationally by Nicholas Associates), support and guidance from our Work Experience Coordinator on a daily basis and the security of all our placements being through a health and safety check, safeguarding check and preparation and additional support and training from pupils from pupil referral units, children in crisis, prison service and special schools.

We have on our database one of the largest banks of engaged, trained and qualified employers across all industries in the East of England.  Through this secure online information portal that we share with schools, students are able to search for all of the careers information and work experience opportunities of interest to them. 

The chart below shows the number of placements facilitated by Connect Education and Business in each sector in academic year 16/17

graph of sectors.png


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Case Studies and Quotes from our Users


"The award made quite a change to the scheme, and I gained help from other volunteers in running it, so all good. I got an article published internally and externally, this is the link for the external article"  

Sir John Leman High School

"Using All Together has been a big change for me this year; it has been a steep learning curve in which I’ve experienced the benefits of a more comprehensive system.

When issues surfaced, I felt supported by the staff at Connect…thank you!

Communication has been the key; providing as much information as I could so that visits could be arranged and opportunities confirmed quickly.

The messaging tab is invaluable and a particular tool I found useful was to attach documents to a student’s profile.

As my block placements drew near I was reassured that all the cases to be visited were a priority.

We were given plenty of notice of opportunities that were are at risk so that students and parents could be managed properly and to come back from the Easter break knowing that everything was sorted for our block placements was fantastic.

Once again, thank you for your support throughout the arranging of my block placements".

Parent of pupil Holbrook Academy 

"My daughter was given access to an extensive database of WE placements which we looked over and then sent a few emails off.  We weren’t very successful in finding a suitable placement and then the school offered a meeting with CEB to discuss any issues we had.

Once we had met with CEB they had more of an understanding of what she may like to do for WE and what she was like as a person.  BT was suggested as CEB have built a strong relationship with some key members of staff there in particular that helped and after meeting my daughter CEB thought that she would fit in there.   My daughter isn’t very confident and CEB could see this, they offered to help her write an email to send off to BT and were really supportive.  After a few emails to BT, she had secured herself a one week WE placement.

There are a number of key advantages to using CEB from a parents and pupils point of view:

Extensive list of potential business to choose from

The businesses are vetted and provide a safe environment for a parent to send their child into

CEB make themselves available to both parents and pupils throughout the whole process, to offer advice on how to write emails to potential WE placements  and can  advise what sort of business may suit a particular pupil because of the very close relationship they have with them.

My daughters options without CEB would have been very limited, both myself and her dad are accountants, we tried to encourage this line of Work Experience but she wasn’t having any of it – not sure why!"

Wex Survey Completed 2016/17